We can help you find the ideal voice to match your brand and budget – if you already have your own voice over artist we’re happy to accommodate this. The provided audio samples are just that “samples!”. Our recommended Voice-over artists are able to record in whatever other genre you are working in


We are constantly looking for new voice over artists for our growing list of clients submit your voice sample below and then wait for our call!

V.O Guide

Breathing – are your breaths distracting? Do you take big inhalations or exhalations? Do you sound like you are running out of breath mid-sentence?
Take natural pauses – Just speak at your normal conversational pace. Unless you are voicing a really fast disclaimer, most clients just want a normal speaking pace.

Don’t fade out on the ends of your sentences – when we converse in person, we naturally fade our voices out at the end of a sentence to allow the other person a chance to talk. Don’t do this to your microphone! Maintain the same volume throughout your read.

Watch out for “P popping” – plosive sounds are created by air hitting the mic when you say sounds like the p, or even the wh sound. Speaking at an angle on the mic instead of directly in front will help.

Do your warm ups! – Warm up your voice, throat and tongue before beginning a session.

V.o Sample submission

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