Graphic Design is the essential foundation of what is intended to communicate to the public, it’s the gateway to our representative brand which will draw attention to our product,service,business or company.

Graphic design Services

Advertising Design:

We offer services of advertising graphic design depending solely on the needs of our customers and thus strategically promote your brand or company.

~Cd, DVD, Bluray covers and booklets
~Material Design P.O.P. (Point Of Purchase)

Corporate Image:

We offer the best services and packages in order to generate the image of your company, business, brand, or product and create the visual impact needed to know and to position itself in the medium in which to unfold.



We develop concepts, we create styles, we give a twist of high visual impact to your projects based on the versatility and quality of all the graphics we do. Inspired by the majority of artistic currents, we offer a variety of styles using various techniques including photo art and digital art.

~Photo art

Logo Design/ redesign

In Elite Media, we know the importance of a unique logo. The logo must reflect your business and visually project your company.

Redesigning a logo is useful for brands or firms already established in the market and recognized for their customers, they need however a new image, according to the changing environment and the company itself.

In many cases, redesigning requires the “spirit” and certain features from the original idea of the logo to be preserved.

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