We are journalistic photographers. We want to document the moment as it is & give you a timeless gift: still frames that tell a story & truly speak for you/ your brand. Elite Media has state of art photography equipment and highly skilled personnel specialising in events, products, real estate, architecture, interior design, portraits, landscapes, people & lifestyle photography

Photography Services

Corporate Events

Your corporate events are important to you, so having a professional photographer document these events allows you to promote and market these events to customers, sponsors, investors and even corporate archives for future internal use.  From event coverage to behind the scenes images to be streamed on social media, we can assist you with all of your live event photography needs.

Types of Coverage

Corporate Portraiture

Whether in a Staff Directory, Corporate Overview, Annual Report, Company Website or Summits and Symposium Biographies, Corporate Portraits help personalize yourself and your company.

In today’s economy, customers and potential clients want to feel like they are doing business with a company of people and not an anonymous entity. We can help you capture your team in the way that best shows who you, as a company, are.

Commercial and Editorial style portraits can be shot at the location of your choice.  Studio portraits can be shot at our location or in your companies location. We offer a 20% discount when shooting five or more team members

Real Estate Photography

Often times, potential Buyers and Renters inquiries are determined by the images they see of the home online.  Developing a large number of interested parties is in the best interest of both you and your client.  Having the best possible pictures for these parties to see is the best method to accomplish this.  We make sure to photograph the house in a way that shows off its sellable features and provide you with both web resolution image files as well as high resolution print ready files.

our drone (dji mavic pro)

arial footage samples

Aerial Photography & Videography

In order to achieve a competitive edge, tech-savvy professional photographers are taking to the skies with drones, to quite literally gain a different perspective.

Aerial Drone Photography is great for capturing photos or property for Real Estate, Inspections, Land Surveying, Marketing, events and a variety of other uses. Aerial Drone Photography & videography services are charged per hour.

Product photography

The quality of your on-line product photography is the deciding factor in a consumer’s mind when making a purchase. In a marketplace with dozens or even hundreds of merchants selling similar products, you only have seconds to make a conversion. A modest improvement in image quality or context may result in dramatically increased conversions and higher visibility on-line.

When consumers cannot see or hold your product in person, it’s critical to visually answer questions such as “how large is this product”, “what colors are offered” and “how will this fit into my life”.

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